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Men making a Difference

Our main focus involves the desire to redirect the paths of those who are struggling to do so. With the right support, people who are on a destructive path can turn things around and become community leaders.

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LifeBlood Men's Group

Men Supporting Men

Building better men to be leaders for their family and be agents of change in their community.

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LifeBlood's Mission

Reducing Crime and Recidivism

As a group of men we have a vision to support, mentor, and redirect people who have left or are leaving incarceration.

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The Bigger Future

Community Long term

Better Community takes work. It is up to us to rebuild it.

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Refer With Love

Offer Support

If you know someone who is coming out of incarceration soon, and needs help, mention us or come to LifeBlood Group on a Saturday

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Choose Change

If you're someone with past incarceration experience and want to break free from the cycle of crime then get in touch. Come to Saturday meet up..

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Our Mission

Change Makers

At LBA we’re inspired to help people make better life decisions. We focus on breaking the behavioral chains in a person's pathway from juvenile delinquency to lifelong institutionalisation. Our homes, courses and mentor programs target the “Whole Person”.

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Become the Solution

There are many Australians being released from prison every year, with no direction or support, and who are struggling from past hurts and influences; yet they are people just like us that sometimes need a helping hand.

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We are building a facebook community that is there to connect life blood news with the local community and gather feedback from that community.

You can catch the latest stories in the Web feed. Please help us grow this community and especially reach out to anyone that might need support of a community.

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